Open Notebook


We Believe, We Deliver


At Lilac Translations SARL, every translation job is considered a separate project regardless of its size, and all our clients are treated in the most professional way possible. The following project management approach is followed by our team members in all our jobs:

Step 1: Project Start

  • A quotation request is received from the client.

  • Management reviews the client's requirements (i.e. document content, workload, turn-around time, formatting, layout …etc).

  • Quality Assurance level is discussed and agreed upon with the client to determine the translation rates.

  • Translation rates and full quotation is sent to the client for review and approval.

  • Client confirms the translation rates and a purchase order is received.

Step 2: Resources Allocation

  • The project manager assembles a project team.

  • Work load is divided over team members based on experience and language.

  • Potential hurdles are eliminated and solutions are put in place to avoid any setbacks.


Step 3: Project Execution

  • Translations are carried out by the team members (native speakers for each language are chosen).

  • Daily progress reports and feedback are received by the project manager.

  • Weekly meetings are held to discuss projects on hand and solve any arising problems.

  • After translation is done, editors review the translations (based on the quality assurance level required) by comparing the target language against the source language.

  • Accuracy, grammar, spelling, and writing style are also checked thoroughly.

  • Finally, proofreaders simulate the experience of the end-user by proofreading the text without referring to the source documents (based on the quality assurance level required).

Step 4: Quality Control

  • Quality Control is performed by randomly checking 10%-15% of the translated and reviewed files.

Step 5: Project Sign-off

  • A sign-off meeting is held among the project team members to perform a final review of the project to make sure all the requirements have been satisfied with high quality.

  • The finished files are submitted to the client using the client-preferred method.


Step 6: Project Summary

  • The project manager evaluates the project quality and team members' performance.

  • The translation memory and all the related files are backed up.